Letní filosofická škola a výchova k trinitárnímu myšlení

Title in English Summer School of Philosophy and Trinitarian education


Year of publication 2020
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description By its nature, the Summer School of Philosophy is committed to the tradition of the Platonic understanding of philosophy. In its case, the words of Plato's Seventh Letter on mutual dialectical being-with (synousia) do not represent a mere philosophical ornament, but an important reference to the essential connection between the highest metaphysical truths and the de facto epistemological framework in which these truths are viewed and educated. From the theological perspective of Karel Floss, which was decisive for the development of the Summer School of Philosophy, this connection could be likened to Christian Trinitarian doctrine and Trinitarian thought. In my paper, this philosophical-theological analogy will be discussed in detail, both with regard to the ideas of some important personalities of the Summer School of Philosophy (Karel Floss, Pavel Floss, Zdeněk Neubauer, Petr Vopěnka) and in relation to the current dialogue regarding Trinitarian ontology (Bamberg, Cambridge, Loppiano).
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