Nejstarší lžidimitrijovská dramata v západní Evropě a vliv náboženství na jejich uchopení

Title in English The Earliest False-Dmitry Plays in Western Europe and the Influence of Religion on Understanding Them


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Mladá slavistika V : slavistická badatelská dílna
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords false Dmitry I; Pseudo-Demetrius I; the Pseudo-Demetrius theme plays; the pretender; Lope de Vega; John Fletcher
Description The study deals with a brief description of some of the False Dmitry plays (i.e., plays with a plot that describes a part of the life of the first False Dmitry, or Dmitry Samozvanets) written in Western Europe—specifically in Italy, Spain and England—before the end of the Baroque period. Apart from the selected plays and their interpretations, the paper also focuses on various sources studied by the playwrights to get to know the theme and figure of the False Dmitry. Last but not least, the paper focuses on the authors’ religions and any potential impact their religious affiliations may have had on forming the authors’ views of (the False) Dmitry. A major role was played by Jesuit sources, which were studied predominantly by authors from Catholic countries (Italy and Spain), whereas in England, which was Protestant, various travelogues and information from people who had been to Moscow were available, which resulted in a different approach to the theme by the playwrights.
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