Pravý a nepravý patriotismus v pohledu Danta Alighieriho a Williama Shakespeara

Title in English The Right and the Wrong Patriotism in Dante and Shakespeare


Year of publication 2020
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Dante Alighieri was also a philosopher, a politician, an Italian nationalist, a Florentine patriot, and an exiled; but, as T.S. Eliot has noted, at the same time a universal one and a cosmopolitan. What is the right place of love for one's nation in the Christian world-view? In Shakespeare we find "two kinds of patriotism" (as John Finnis stated); the old-medieval one, similar to that of Dante, looking for the ecclesiastical and imperial unity, - and the modern, Elizabethan and English nationalism leading to the unity of the established Church and the Monarchy and to a "splendid isolation".
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