Kultura ve středoevropských dějinách. Rozprava mezi humanitními obory

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Title in English Culture in Central European history A debate between the humanities


Year of publication 2020
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

Description Theoretical and methodological considerations not only of the state of scientific disciplines, but also on the various methodological innovations that are being promoted in individual disciplines today, are already a quite routine part of everyday research work. However, it is good to remember that their aim is not to create the single and authoritative recipe to an optimum way of discovering new knowledge. In fact, it is much more a question of thinking about the current state of routine practice in the individual disciplines, including often completely new options that open up to them neighbouring or, on the contrary, more distant disciplines. The interest in joint research in the spheres of natural and humanities (or rather historical-social) sciences is now characterised by a shift from the traditional study of methodological starting points and basic theoretical problems to solving issues of scientific and discipline practice. From the already "traditional" multi-disciplinarity, the path leads to yet another current form of scientific cooperation, the gradual solution of research topics through subsequent cross-disciplinarity. As Jiří Kroupa shows in the introductory chapter, a number of research problems cannot today be easily solved from the position of a single discipline, neither in terms of inter-disciplinary research, nor by placing individual pieces of research side by side in parallel. Each individual solution thus remains only a partial discipline finding and it is necessary to further process it scientifically.
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