Soubor kovových předmětů z Boršova na Moravskotřebovsku

Title in English An Assemblage of Metal Roman Iron Age Artefacts from Boršov in the Moravská Třebová Region


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Památky archeologické
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords Roman Iron Age; Marcomannic Wars; copper metallurgy; imports; roads; ritual activities; Moravia
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Description An archaeological situation documented in 2016 in the cadastral territory of Boršov (Svitavy district, Pardubice Region, Czech Republic) contained more than 70 metal artefacts scattered mostly over an area of 5x2 m. The finds were made with the use of metal detectors in an otherwise unsettled space in close proximity to defunct roads crossing a sharp local terrain fault. The finds were concentrated on hilly terrain between two slight watercourses. The collection is composed mainly of fragments of intentionally broken artefacts made from a copper alloy, castings of the mouth of casting channels, ingots, as well as craft tools, coins, a fragment of a bronze mould, fibula parts, etc. The assemblage dates to the end of the Marcomannic Wars or the period immediately following them and documents a close relationship with the processing of nonferrous metals. The assemblage also contains antiques, especially in the form of a La Tene belt hook.
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