Mineralogické a chemické složení rud, strusek a slitků z lokality Havírna u Štěpánova nad Svratkou

Title in English Mineralogical and chemical composition of ores, slags and ingots from Havírna near Štěpánov nad Svratkou

MALÝ Karel

Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Acta rerum naturalium
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Web Stránky periodika
Keywords silver mining and processing; slag; Middle Ages; Havírna
Description Havírna near Štěpánov nad Svratkou is a place of intensive medieval mining and processing of silver ores and base metals. Base-metals ores with sphalerite, galena and chalcopyrite were mined, probably also Ag-rich freibergite-galenite ores. Slags from the locality are of two types: 1) slag from Fe smelting, probably from local limonite ores; 2) slags after processing of base metals ores with silver; slags contain an unusually high amount of Pb (up to 38 wt. %). The investigated metal ingots from the locality are practically pure lead (four samples), one sample of silver and three samples of atypical Pb-Cu-Sb alloy. These samples correspond to the so-called “black copper”.

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