No multiple exponence


CAHA Pavel

Year of publication 2021
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The talk focuses on a particular kind of multiple exponence (ME), which could perhaps be called allomorphic ME. This type of ME is found in examples such as "bett-er," where, apparently, the comparative meaning is expressed twice. I shall propose an analysis of such examples where no element of grammatical meaning is expressed twice (despite appearances). The account will rely on a fine-grained decomposition into features and the idea that one form (morpheme) may realize multiple features. In such a model, the need for the allomorphic type of multiple exponence evaporates; no feature is referenced twice in the set of realization rules to be proposed. I shall explore these issues using the Nanosyntax model of spellout, though I find it likely that an implementation of these ideas in other approaches is possible as well.
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