L’enceinte du “Moulin Neuf” à Beaupréau-en-Mauges (Maine-et-Loire) : premier bilan des recherches sur le Néolithique de la vallée de l’Èvre

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Title in English The Moulin Neuf enclosure at Beaupréau-en- Mauges (Maine-et-Loire): First overview of Neolithic research in the valley of the Evre

DENIS Soléne MARCOUX Nancy LIÉTAR Claira MAHÉ Vivien MANCEAU Lorraine

Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords enclosure, ditchs, fences, pottery, lithic, geomorphology, procurement, Taizé, Recent Neolithic Fig.
Description The Moulin Neuf enclosure is located on the edge of a plateau above the Evre River, in the Mauges Valley, with the Loire confluence located about twenty kilometres north of the site. The site was discovered by G. Leroux (Inrap) during aerial prospections in ????. The three-year excavation program focused on two entrances. Based on the archaeological objects and radiocarbon dates, all the structures date to the Recent Neolithic. This site contributes to our knowledge of the Neolithic territory of the valley, which has still been rather poorly studied for this period. On a wider scale,it contributes to research into enclosures in the west of France.
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