Jak dezinformace ovlivnily slovenskou veřejnost v klíčových událostech posledních dvou let

Title in English How disinformation affected the Slovak public in key events of the last two years


Year of publication 2022
Type Popularization text
Description Workshop conducted in cooperation with Mgr. Tomáš Kriššák offers a probe into the major societal events of the last two years - the coronavirus pandemic and the process of approving the DCA defence cooperation, in both cases with a focus on the Slovak Republic. The presented findings will help to understand how disinformation has specifically influenced the Slovak public's views on these events. At the same time, the lecture will also be a space to express recommendations and insights that can prepare both Slovakia and other countries to better handle similar critical scenarios, which, given current events, will undoubtedly define societal development and our direction once again.
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