Dynamika šíření lexikálních inovací. Identitární neologie a sociolektologie ve francouzském jazykovém kontextu

Title in English The dynamics of the diffusion of lexical innovations. Identity, neologisms and sociolects in the French language context


Year of publication 2022
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

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Description The book presents both recent trends and historical developments of theoretical concepts of the study of neologisms and sociolectisms, including the parallels and paradoxes in their dictionary treatment, including the issue of the relationship between neography and sociolectography. Using French language data, the book outlines ways to approach the constantly changing manifestations of generational or group cohesion through the lens of sociolexicology. The sociolinguistics of innovation defined here involves, primarily, the modelling of the diffusion of neologisms, i.e., finding out how and why new words spread in society. The case studies also deal with how lexical innovations can be extracted from generationally symptomatic sociolects and how they can be tested by means of longitudinal questionnaires and rap song lyrics, which are a unique source of information on the semantic development of identitary neologisms.
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