Representaciones de la corporeidad femenina en Mujeres que trepan a los árboles de Patricia de Sousa


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Title in English Female Body and its representation in Mujeres que trepan a los árboles by Patricia de Souza


Year of publication 2022
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Description The body and corporeality occupy a central place in the narrative of Patricia de Souza, since they constitute the starting point for the construction of the identity base of her characters. This communication pay attention to the various ways of representing the female body that they can be detected in the novel Women who climb trees (2017). The protagonist, an independent and emancipated intellectual, in her diary reveals how she moves through various geographical spaces in Latin America, mainly between Peru and Venezuela. All your experiences, experiences and interactions with the other characters are inscribed on his body in the leaving visible traces. It is interesting to see how it combines that geographical displacement with another route, which, in turn, is carried out by the imaginary body geography. The author manages to present the body feminine as a kind of particular space, as a landscape that houses lands where the character's complex identity germinates. For the protagonist due to his fragile and delicate condition, it is difficult to defend their integrity and independence. The liberation of the protagonist, who wishes get rid of the ties represented by unhealthy and toxic relationships it is linked to the “decolonization” of the female body. The dimension symbolic of the feminine corporeality projected in different landscapes is enhanced by the union of the heroine with the plant world, which in the novel acquires a key importance. Specifically, it concerns the various trees that grow in each of the spaces relevant to the story personality of the character, and that symbolize the union with decisive past moments in her life.

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