Historické okolnosti vzestupu křesťanství

Title in English Historical circumstances of the rise of Christianity


Year of publication 2022
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Christianity, spreading in the Roman Empire from the 30s of the 1st century AD, was for a long time a marginal, sporadically persecuted and not very successful religious alternative to the prevailing Graeco-Roman paganism. In the second half of the 2nd century AD and especially in the 3rd century AD, however, the situation changed dramatically, and Christianity became a dynamic religious tradition that gained the favour of the Roman emperors in the early 4th century AD and by the end of that century had become the only permitted religion of the Roman Empire. The causes of the rise of Christianity thus present one of the great historical and religious questions. This lecture attempts to bring some new insights coming from the fields of historical climatology and epidemiology into the elucidation of this process, thus contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the possible macro-historical causes that led to the change in Roman society's attitudes towards Christianity and its ultimate dominance.
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