Ruské společensko-politické reálie v současné češtině

Title in English Russian socio-political realia in contemporary Czech


Year of publication 2022
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The intensity of Russian-Czech contacts has changed and evolved throughout history depending on the needs of both nations. Initially accidental encounters have over time become intensive, deliberate contacts, leading to a mutual convergence of cultures, economies, politics and languages. Among the areas of the language that have responded very quickly to these changes and shifts is the socio-political vocabulary, which has been enriched over the centuries with a considerable amount of so-called Russian realia. Like all linguistic elements, realia are constantly changing according to the needs of the speakers, their meaning often shifts and the frequency of their occurrence also changes. Thus, today some of the Russian realia are very familiar to us and others will be considered incomprehensible without a deeper knowledge of Russian culture. Because these realia need to be handled with care, taking into account their function in the text, the functional style chosen and the recipient of the text, this paper is devoted to an analysis of the changes in the frequency and context of occurrence of selected realia in Czech after 1989. The analysis is based on our own research on russicisms and is based on data from the Czech National Corpus, which allows easy searching across different periods and types of texts and thus helps us to get a fairly good picture of the representation and usage of russicisms in contemporary Czech.
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