Transmasculinities in Nonbinary Autobiographical Writing



Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Gender Studies
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords transmasculinities; masculinities; queerness; nonbinary; genderqueer; life writing; autobiographical writing; nonbinary parenting; identity
Description This article discusses the representations and narratives of transmasculinities in selected works by contemporary Anglophone nonbinary writers assigned female at birth. After briefly introducing the primary sources, I explain how this selection of texts allows for an analysis that contributes to widening the conventional conceptualisation of masculinities as related only to biological men and trans men, and I specify the kinds of masculinities discussed in the article. I then concentrate on three prominently featured themes in the analysed narratives: rejection and erasure within the lesbian and feminist communities, confusion caused by the authors’ identities in their everyday lives, and nonbinary parenting-related issues. Exploring how the authors write about these themes illuminates not only how they textually construct their diverse masculinities but also some of the key challenges they navigate: identity unintelligibility, invisibility, and the threat of involuntary complicity in the patriarchal order.
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