Epocha salonů : České salonní umění a mezinárodní výtvarná scéna 1870—1914

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Title in English The Era of Salons : Czech Salon Art and the International Art Scene 1870–1914


Year of publication 2022
Type Exposition
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Faculty of Arts

Description By combining the two terms – fine art and salon, various connotations of meaning are created: 1) art at the Salon, a major annual exhibition organized and named after the Parisian model, introducing the full breadth of contemporary art production on an international scale; 2) salon art, the mainstream of contemporary art work preferred at salons, encompassing everything from the normative academicism on the one hand to the progressive movements on the other, appreciated for masterful execution, decorative effects, and a surprising theme or plot point; 3) art in the home salon, a representative room in a bourgeois family house or apartment designed for receiving visitors and gathering of guests with shared cultural and social interests. The present exhibition, The Era of Salons, reflects upon all these aspects in a nutshell. Devoted primarily to the work of artists originally from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, who often worked and became acclaimed in Paris, Rome, Munich, Vienna and other metropolises, this exhibition, however, similar to the salons, also features works by their contemporaries from abroad. Many of the works represented here were presented at the annual exhibitions of the Fine Arts Association (Krasoumná jednota) in Prague. The period of 1870–1914 encompasses not only the climax of the art salons in Central Europe, but also their later phase, when they had to compete with alternative concepts of modern arts associations. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication of the same name published in 2021.
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