Kadar u stripu u funkciji pripovijedanja - na primjeru Káje Saudeka (v tisku)

Title in English A Comic Book Frame in the Process of Nnarration - The Example of Kaja Saudek


Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Književna smotra
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Web Plný text článku
Keywords comics; panel; gutter; metanatarration; space of the panel; Kája Saudek; panel sequention; gutter layout; panel layout
Description Many comics scholars comment on the importance of frame on the comics' page. Some of them are aware that precisely the formal elements of the structuring of the comics' page using both frames and so-called gutters carries clues important for the creation of the meaning of the comic expression. In this article, I focus on one of the possible approaches to the expressive function of the comic frame and gutter, which is the metanarrative function that the author adds to these elements in order to shape his attitude towards the narrated comic or offer the reader new interpretation possibilities. As a case study, I consider the Czech comics author Kaja Saudek. Interpreting three ways of Saudek's authorial intervention at the level of a frame, a sequence of frames and the whole page, I show how a comic book can demand and satisfy a very careful reader, who in the end gets more from the work than it seems at first glance (literally!).
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