Kirchenmusikalische Kulturerbe im Kontext: F. L. Gassmann und seine Motette aus dem Musikarchiv des Stiftes Klosterneuburg / Erhaltene Kompositionen der beiden Georg Reutter in CZ-Bm

Title in English Church Music Heritage in Context: F. L. Gassmann and his Motet from the Music Archive of Klosterneuburg Abbey / Preserved Compositions of the both Georg Reutters in CZ-Bm


Year of publication 2023
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
Description Attention was focused on the results of the master's thesis, the core of which was the elaboration of the motet by Florian Leopold Gassmann from the monastery in Klosterneuburg. Furthermore, the topic of the dissertation was presented, which is the church music of Georg Reutter the Elder and the Younger deposited in the ODH of the MZM.
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