Triviální vzdělávání moravských dívek (sonda do poměrů škol Brněnského kraje na konci 18. století)

Title in English Trivial education of Moravian girls (a probe into the conditions of schools in the Brno region at the end of the 18th century)


Year of publication 2024
Type Article in Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords girls’ education; school reports; Brno region; General School Ordinance; minor schools (Trivialschulen)
Description The paper deals with the trivial education of girls in Moravia at the end of the 18th century using the Brno region as an example. In 1774, the General School Ordinance (officially titled Allgemeine Schulordnung fu¨r die deutschen Normal-, Haupt- und Trivialschulen in den sämtlichen Kaiserlichen Erbländern in German) introduced universal schooling for children aged six to twelve, without distinguishing based on sex, social status, or religion. Education was thus to be newly provided not only for girls from the privileged classes, who were already literate at that time, but also for girls from the lower classes, including those from the countryside. These were to receive elementary education in the minor schools (the so-called Trivialschulen in German) which were the lowest level of elementary schools within the fixed order of lower education. A specific idea of the education of girls, especially of the extent of their schooling in the various trivial schools, is given by the school reports from 1787–1791. The research made it possible to observe the number of minor schools and the development of their network in the region as well as the social composition of school girls and their school attendance. It further revealed the most common factors influencing children’s attendance and differences within the studied groups (regarding religion, ability to pay school fees, or across locations). A substantial part is then a comparison of girls’ and boys’ education at the turn of the 1790s.
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