Chorvatské osídlení jižní Moravy a jeho stopy ve vlastních jménech

Title in English Croatian Settlement of the South Moravia Region and its Reflect in the Proper Names


Year of publication 2011
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Slavia
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Linguistics
Keywords minor place-names; personal names; South Moravia; Moravian Croatians
Description The ethnical map of the Southern Moravia (esp. Mikulov and Břeclav districts) was affected by the Croatian colonisation in the 16th century. This paper deals with the analysis of the personal names and minor place-names, which relate to so-called Moravian Croatians. The proprial material was received from archival sources (the 16th-19th century) and from the collection of Moravian and Silesian anoikonyms (carried out in the 20th century by the Institute of the Czech Language ASCR). The research of the personal names focuses on so-called patronymic surnames (Andrešić, Filipović, Kulešić), on the corruption of surnames in the archival sources (Kulleschitz/Kulloschitz, Pabitsch/Babitz) and on the renaming (Filipovič /Filipovský, Vuk /Wolff). The main point of the minor place-names research is the analysis of the names of the Croatian origin (Sgonky, Murnica, Celina/Ciliny, Meje, Lučice, Dražica).
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