Conditions of the Yellow Signal on the Semaphore

18 Nov 2021

Basic rules

  • Following MU's move to yellow light signal, students and Faculty employees are required to register O-N-T (i.e., show proof of vaccination, illness, or negative test) effective Nov. 22.
  • Students should enter the relevant data into IS MU (
  • Staff should enter the relevant data in INET (
  • Demonstration of O-N-T is a prerequisite for attending in-person, face-to-face classes.
  • As of January 17, 2022, all employees are required to submit to testing before entering the workplace.
  • Proof of O-N-T applies to healthy persons; in accordance with the MU Rector's Decision No. 7/2021, sick persons must not participate in in-person, face-to-face classes and do not have access to the Faculty.

Wearing respirators

  • The rules for wearing respirators have not changed.
  • They are therefore mandatory in all indoor areas (corridors and classrooms).
  • The only exception for wearing respirators in the Faculty is when anyone is staying in one place without another person present.
  • In addition, teachers do not need to wear a respirator during class if they have both doses of the vaccine.
  • An exception is also made for students during classes for which wearing respirators would significantly inhibit their performance (gym, singing), but the 1.5 m spacing must be maintained.

Demonstrating O-N-T

  • Fulfillment of the obligation to demonstrate O-N-T means:
    • Both doses of a vaccination against Covid-19 documented by an EU COVID certificate or equivalent,
    • a period of up to 180 days since laboratory-confirmed recovery from Covid-19, since the first positive test,
    • a negative test for SARS-CoV-2 fewer than 7 days old; tests may be either a RT-PCR test or an antigen test (performed by a healthcare provider or a rapid antigen test for self-testing).
  • Students should enter records of vaccination, illness, and negative PCR test results into the IS using a QR code.
  • Students can upload a positive PCR test result, quarantine, or antigen test result without a QR code, e.g., as a scan or photo.
  • Information about O-N-T requirements fulfilment for students is available for teachers in the teacher's notebook in the form of simple information (green/red circle in the student list).


  • Classes for up to 150 persons are held in in-person, face-to-face attendance according to the valid timetable.
  • Those who do not demonstrate O-N-T cannot participate in in-person, face-to-face classes.
  • Face-to-face teaching is crucial, so replacing it with other forms of education should be a last resort. If a student fails to demonstrate O-N-T, the teacher/guarantor of the course should offer the student an alternative (depending on the nature of the course and the technical possibilities of the classroom). For example:
    • Recordings of teaching (this can be current or past recordings).
    • Alternative e-learning (if created for the course). However, this should not just be simple learning materials (e.g., simply providing a presentation from a class).
    • Developing alternative tasks. Of course, NAU's position on distance-learning must be kept in mind at all times. It seems to make sense, for example, in a translation seminar, to set an additional translation that the instructor corrects and discusses with the student in an online tutorial.
    • "Passive" hybrid-learning, i.e., the learning is only transmitted, and students can watch but cannot participate.
    • Full hybrid-learning.
  • The instructor/guarantor of the course has no way of knowing if the student is not attending full-time due to inability to demonstrate O-N-T or other reasons. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and request an alternative learning assignment(s).


  • The MU FF Central Library remains available to students and staff during the full range of operating hours, Mon-Fri, 9:00-20:00, and Sat-Sun 9:00-17:00, including study rooms in the main building.
  • The public is not allowed to enter the library in accordance with the University semaphore system.
  • Beginning from 22nd November, the O-N-T fulfilment will be checked at the entrance to the main library building.
  • Those who do not meet the O-N-T conditions will be provided with the opportunity to check out library items individually outside the FF Campus by prior arrangement via
  • Consultations with librarians are also available online via:
  • The team study rooms will be closed to students, but they will remain available to FF staff for distance-learning.
  • Spacing amongst individuals and the wearing of respiratory protective equipment remain mandatory.

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