Volunteering for Ukraine

1 Mar 2022

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In connection with the escalation of the war conflict in Ukraine, we expect many refugees to arrive in the coming days throughout our country, including the South Moravian Region. Together with the regional authorities and municipal councils, we consider it necessary to help solve their difficult situation. Without many volunteers and their long-term, systematic and expert help, we cannot do it.

Since last week, we have been in contact with the MUNI HELP coordinators on this matter.

We expect that our faculty will be among the first to be asked for help, as we have the necessary competencies in translation, interpreting, psychological assistance, or pedagogy.

You can offer your skills and strengths through the MUNI HELPS app – registration is open to the general public. It's easy, and the university has prepared a web and mobile version. The key is to fill in the profile correctly to know what areas we can contact volunteers in. More about the app here.

How it works:

  1. When a request for help is entered into the app, we typically send notifications to those volunteers who meet the criteria (competencies) of the request, so it is essential to have a correctly completed volunteer profile.
  2. The volunteer sees basic information about the request for help. At the moment they sign up to help, they will see more detailed information and a description of the next steps.
  3. Involving the volunteer in specific assistance.

We also have a Volunteerism course for learners, which earns two credits upon completion. You can request its additional enrollment by the end of April (email me at ). Alternatively, you can enroll in the course in the fall semester and provide proof of the required 40 volunteer hours worked at any time this year.

Thank you for helping!

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