Special admission procedure for applicants from Ukraine

Enrolment in regular study programmes

 Have you been admitted to a full-time study programme at the MU Faculty of Arts? The last step to activate your studies is enrolment, which will take place on 8 September 2022 at the Study Department of the Faculty of Arts, Arna Novák 1, Building C, in two blocks 9:00–11:00 and 13:00–15:00.

You can come at any time during the intervals, choose the time that suits you best.

If you are unable to attend at a given time due to serious issues, please contact us at studijni@phil.muni.cz. You will be able to enrol individually during the Study Department's office hours, but no later than 16 September 2022.

But we still prefer regular enrollment date.

Please bring a valid ID to enrol.

Please note: If you have not yet provided evidence of your previous education, please bring it with you to enrol. If you are unable to provide evidence of your previous education, you must complete a statutary declaration of education directly at the enrolment desk.

What to expect next

A) Admission process to a degree study programme

Your applications were evaluated in two rounds:

  • Round 1: evaluation of applications submitted by 1 May 2022.
  • Round 2: evaluation of applications submitted by 31 May 2022

If the information on the application form and questionnaire was insufficient to make a decision on admission, you may be invited to either an oral interview or a written test. The oral interview or written test, if applicable, will be held either in Ukrainian or in the language of the programme you are interested in studying.

By the end of July 2022, you will receive information on whether you meet each programme's requirements.

B) Czech language test

Since you have expressed an interest in studying in Czech study programmes, a condition of admission into a degree programme is also passing an exam in Czech language to verify your language level.

The Czech language exam will be conducted by the Division of Czech for Foreigners at the Faculty of Arts in late August and early September 2022 and will be open to all applicants with active and confirmed applications to study at our faculty.

If you are taking Czech language courses at another MU faculty, we will also accept the passing exam from the MU Language Learning Centre for admission purposes. Certificates or exams taken outside MU will not be accepted.

C) Enrolment

Enrolment in degree study programme will take place in person in the first half of September 2022, invitations will be inserted in your application form and will be sent to you in due course by email.

You will need to bring the following with you to enrol: valid ID, visa label.

Enrolled students will receive a scholarship.

Do you have any questions about this special admission procedure? Please contact us


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