Modern Greek Language and Literature

General Information

The aim of the M.A. program in Modern Greek is to deepen the knowledge and language competence that students have acquired during their B.A. studies and to extend their understanding of the development of Greek language, history, and culture. Special attention is devoted to the language and literature of the Byzantine and Early Modern period. Students deepen their expertise in synchronic approaches to linguistics, literary criticism, or comparative approaches to literature by attending elective courses.

A successful graduate is able to
  • explain the main tendencies of the development of Greek literature from the Middle Ages onwards and place them into the international context into the international context
  • explain the development of the Modern Greek language from Hellenistic Koine to the present
  • understand cultural and linguistic developments in Greece from the Middle Ages to the present day within their historical context
  • speak fluently and write correctly (at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference) in Modern Greek
  • characterize the oeuvre of the most significant Byzantine and early Modern Greek authors
  • read and interpret Byzantine and Modern Greek literature, including texts in Katharevousa
  • write a scholarly text based on the latest scholarly research that documents their ability to pursue their own research
Forms of study

This is a full-time study program. It means that your study duties are spread over the working days (Mon-Fri) according to your timetable. Full-time students participate in lectures, conferences, and educational and research activities of the workplace.

Graduate Employment

Graduates of the M.A. programme in Modern Greek Language and Literature will find work opportunities in a number of professional fields. They can continue their studies in a Ph.D. programme in the Czech Republic or abroad and continue their formation as researchers and teachers. They are well-equipped to work in tourism or business where knowledge of Greek is required (at travel agencies, as guides, in the business or banking sectors). After additional schooling, they may also work as translators or for non-profit organizations operating in Greece as part of international assistance. Thanks to their familiarity with philological work, they are also prepared for editorial work, especially in culturally and literarily oriented publications. They can find further job opportunities in professions that require general education, independent critical thinking, and solid language skills.

Admission Requirements
Eligibility Criteria

This fee-paying degree program is open to those holding a Bachelor's degree in a field related to Greek philology (Modern, Byzantine, Ancient Greek, Mediterranean studies, etc.) from an institution of higher education in the Czech Republic or abroad. Fluency in Modern Greek (at least at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, to be tested during the oral interview) is necessary.

Terms of Admission
  1. Meet the eligibility criteria set out in the paragraph above. If the applicant does not hold a Bachelor's degree in Modern Greek Studies or is not a native speaker of Greek, his/her language skills should be demonstrated by submitting one of the following documents:
    • a language certificate proving his/her knowledge of Greek (at least at the B2 level of the CEFR),
    • a transcript of completed language courses in Modern Greek.
  2. Submission of an electronic application in the Masaryk University Information System.
  3. Submission of a Statement of Purpose (750 words maximum) in English or Greek, explaining why the applicant wishes to study in this degree program and why the applicant wishes to study in this Department.
  4. Submission of a CV detailing the candidate's professional/academic experience.
  5. Submission of a transcript of university/college studies, which must include:
    • Dates you attended the institution
    • Titles of courses and examinations you completed and the marks received
Entrance exam

The evaluation of the applications will be done in two steps:

  1. Evaluation of the submitted documents.
  2. An oral interview in Greek.

Admission to the study program will be offered to those applicants selected by the Department's Entrance Exam Committee, based on a complex evaluation of the applicant's language skills, academic record, and motivation.

Application Deadlines

1 January - 30 April for the enrollment in the Fall semester
1 July - 31 October for the enrollment in the Spring semester

Documents set out above in the Terms of Admission are required to be provided in digital form and attached to the online application by April 30th or October 31st


Tuition Fee

Tuition fees: € 1,250/academic year (degree program taught in English).

    Students who require a visa and who are denied one will be refunded 90 % of the school-fee only if they send us confirmation that their visa was denied. The money will be refunded by bank transfer only.
Courses of Czech for Foreigners

All students of this program are entitled to study two semesters of Czech for foreigners free of charge. It is not obligatory but it might be handy.


If you have any questions regarding the application and admission procedures or the tuition fees, please contact us at

Mgr. Andrea Kakulidu


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