Pump filtered water into your own bottle: free and directly at the faculty

Treat yourself to healthy microfiltered water in your own bottle and save unnecessary PET bottles. You will find the Filtermac filtration unit in the basement of Building C on the Arna Nováka campus. Sparkling and still water is free for employees and students. Just select the MUNI - PHIL sponsored subscription on the Filtermac mobile app.

9 Sep 2022 Patrik Švec

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How to proceed?

  1. Download the Filtermac mobile app to your smartphone (Google Play or AppStore).
  2. Open the app and register (fill in your name, email, and password).
  3. Confirm your registration in your email.
  4. Open the app and fill in your email and your chosen password.
  5. Choose your tariff (MUNI - PHIL) and start drawing.

The procedure is also explained in detail in the video tutorial.

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