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The European Research Council supports cutting-edge research that goes beyond the frontiers of knowledge in a given field and leads to breakthroughs or a significant advance in knowledge in that scientific area on a global scale. Projects in any scientific field are supported.

The basic principle is to support individual scientists (Principal Investigators, PIs) and their teams. Scientists can apply for grants regardless of their scientific field and nationality. However, the research must be carried out in a host institution based in an EU Member State or a country associated with the EU Framework Programme.

The assumption is that the project will be based on an innovative idea that will help significantly advance the given scientific field. These projects are usually high-risk/high-gain projects, interdisciplinary in nature, and significantly impact society.

ERC grants are perceived as a mark of quality, not only by the scientific community.

The ERC funds five types of grants. The project's duration is 5–7 years, with a financial allocation of EUR 1.5 million.

Starting grant

- support young researchers who have 2–7 years of experience since completing their Ph.D.

- the amount of financial support can be up to EUR 1.5 million for five years

Consolidator grant

- support emerging young scientists who have 7–12 years of experience since completing their Ph.D.

- the amount of financial support can be up to EUR 2 million for five years

Advanced grant

- support internationally renowned experts

- the amount of financial support can be up to EUR 2.5 million for five years

Synergy grant

- support a group of 2–4 principal investigators and their teams in jointly investigating a cutting-edge research project

- the amount of financial support can be up to EUR 10 million for six years

Proof of Concept

-  support successful ERC grant holders at the earliest stage of exploiting the results of their research activities and putting them into practice


Indicative Call schedule 2023

Starting grant
open: 12/7/2022
deadline: 25/10/2022

Consolidator grant
open: 28/09/2022
deadline: 02/02/2023

Advanced grant
deadline: 23/05/2023

Synergy grant
open: 13/07/2022
deadline: 08/11/2022


Who to contact

Mgr. et Mgr. Denisa Főldešiová

Project support at FF MU
(; tel.: 549 49 3539

Mgr. Ladislav Čoček
ERC coordinator at MU
(; tel.: 549 49 7079) 

Other alternatives

GACR (Czech Science Foundation) EXPRO aims to create conditions for the development of excellent research and set standards for scientific excellence. Programm also helps overcome barriers that undermine the success of ERC project proposals and thus enable the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and experience to be evaluated when applying for highly prestigious European grants.

ERC CZ aims to support Czech researchers of international renown who have succeeded at evaluations conducted by the European Research Council expert panels. Still, programm supports the project, which European funds could not ultimately provide due to a lack of available ERC funds.

We inform you about the announcement of calls for proposals through our website news. You can subscribe here. If you are interested in submitting a project proposal, please contact the project support at FF MU (see Who to contact), who will be happy to provide you with up-to-date information.

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