OP Jan Amos Comenius - calls for 2023

Information about planned calls and projects already submitted

30 May 2023 Kateřina Kramářová Operational programmes

In the programming period of the European Structural and Investment Funds, the OP Jan Amos Komenský OP (OP JAC) is the largest grant opportunity for the FF MU. Below we provide information about planned calls relevant to our faculty and about already submitted projects.

Planned calls

06/2023 Supporting future teachers

The aim of the call is to support faculties of education and faculties educating future teachers. Within the framework of the call, one project application will be prepared on behalf of MU, involving faculties with teacher education programmes. The coordination of the application has been charged to the Faculty of Education in cooperation with other faculties involved in the preparation of future teachers. On behalf of the FF MU, Vice-Dean Zuzana Šalamounová is coordinating the preparation of the project with the project support of Dept. R&D. The concerned departments of FF MU will be informed after the call is announced.

11/2023 Social sciences and humanities: human and humanity in global challenges

The call is aimed at supporting excellent research projects addressing societal challenges. The aim is to support excellent research in the social sciences and humanities and to strengthen cooperation between research organizations in the Czech Republic. For more information, see the news HERE.

12/2023 School by play - implementation of the innovative curriculum

The call will support schools in introducing an innovative curriculum into teaching practice. Activities supported under the call can be found in the timetable in the link below.

The complete schedule and a more detailed description of the calls can be found HERE.

We will share more information about the individual calls in the news on the R&D Office website.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Ing. Kramářová from the R&D Office, which provides methodological support in the preparation of OP JAC projects.

Completed calls - submitted / approved projects

11/2022 MSCA - Fellowships - CZ - 1 project approved

The MSCAfellow5_MUNI project, which coordinates RMU across faculties, was approved in the call. The aim of the project is to ensure the implementation of the 15 project proposals that were successful in the European Commission call in the H2020-MSCA-IF-2020 and HORIZON-MSCA-2021-PF-01 programmes. Scientists from Masaryk University have received excellent ratings and through the implementation of their project proposals, scientific performance and international cooperation at MU will be strengthened. The project will support 3 female scientists at FF MU.

01/2023 Excellence research - 3 projects awaiting evaluation

The call was aimed at supporting the implementation of excellent research projects that achieve international excellence in terms of quality and originality. The number of project applications per applicant was limited within the call. The MU decided to support the preparation of 1 project at the FF MU, coordinated by the Department of Archaeology and Museology. Furthermore, 1 partner project of Department for the Study of Religions and 1 partner project of Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion were submitted to the call.

05/2023 Development of infrastructure facilities for doctoral study programmes - 1 project awaiting evaluation

The university-wide project MUNI4PhD was submitted in May. The aim of the project is to develop the material and infrastructural facilities, especially for doctoral study programmes. FF MU plans to reconstruct the scientific research base Pohansko in Břeclav. It is an inter-faculty strategic infrastructure, which was selected for support by Masaryk University. Another project activity is the reconstruction of the basement premises of the former feeding station on Jaselská Street, which will create a space with a team workroom and several shared workplaces. The project will also support the renovation and modernisation of audiovisual equipment in buildings B1 and B2 and last but not least, the missing equipment for PhD students will be purchased based on the requirements of the departments.

For more information on the OP JAK programme, please visit the Odd Research and Development website or the OP JAK website.

If you have any questions, please contact Ing. Kramářová (Office for Research and Development).

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