On Monday, March 14, the Academic Senate will meet

11 Mar 2022

Programme of the AS FF meeting on 14 March 2022 at 4 PM

Venue: auditorium C11


1. Intention to cancel the doctoral programme in Greek Studies

Information provided by the Dean and Vice Dean Kyloušek.

The material is here.



2. Proposal for the establishment of the AS FF MU Science Committee

Presented by the submitter doc. Zbíral.

Rationale: The AS FF MU does not yet have a committee that would deal with the direction of the faculty in the field of science and research. This is an important component of the life of the Faculty, its long-term plan, its reputation and its budget, which needs to be monitored and covered from the perspective of the Senate.



3. The concept of launching the IS application Familiarisation with the HR Award regulations at FF MU

Familiarize Mgr. Silvie Rampouchová.


4. Statement of the Legislative Committee on the issue of "academic vs. non-academic"

See minutes of 31.1.

Dr. Bárta will present the conclusions of the committee to the Senate.


5. Statement of the Legislative Committee on the Dean's Scholarship Committee

The chair of the committee, Jakub Zikmund, will present the committee's findings.



6. Conclusion of the term of the faculty leadership and brief evaluation of its activities

Presentation by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Milan Pol and other members of the management.


7. Miscellaneous

Information on the activities of the Administrative Committee

Presentation by the Chairwoman doc. Dagmar Pichová.

Amendment to the Rules of Procedure of the AS FF MU: Possibility of removing a senator from his/her mandate on the grounds that he/she does not fulfil the obligations imposed by the Rules of Procedure.

Justification (by a member of the Legislative Committee):

In the last year of the previous senate, one of the senate members ignored AS meetings, which resulted in several instances where the quorum for senate decisions was compromised. The purpose of raising this item is to discuss possible solutions to prevent a repeat of this situation in the future. The Commission is aware that this is a sensitive issue concerning fundamental academic freedoms, and we would therefore prefer to have a broader discussion in plenary first.


In Brno, 11 March 2022

doc. PhDr. Václav Štěpánek, Ph.D.
Chairman of the AS FF MU

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