The Academic Senate discusses budgeting rules

A discussion about Scala's fate and doctoral studies' reform was also on the agenda.

26 Jun 2023 Tomáš Weissar

At its meeting on 19 June 2023, the Academic Senate of the MU Faculty of Arts approved the extension of the accreditation of the study programme Teaching German Language and Literature for Secondary Schools.

A discussion on the timetable and budgeting rules followed, resulting in two resolutions:

The FF MU AS asks the FF MU management to prepare the budget annually so that it can be published without undue delay, at the latest five working days after the FF MU AS has approved the FF MU Budgeting Rules and the FF MU AS has approved the MU budget.

The FF MU AS asks the FF MU management to incorporate into the budgeting rules or another appropriate document, following the example of the university guideline entitled Budgeting Rules, the centralised costs from other types of revenue than A, K, and Institutional Support for the long-term conceptual development of the research organisation and to name and justify the differences between the faculty rules and the university rules in the preparation of this document.

Another topic of discussion was the fate of the recently closed university cinema Scala, whose building is in a state of disrepair and needs to be renovated. The following resolution was adopted:

The AS FF MU expresses its concern over reports about the uncertain fate of the Scala University Cinema. The Faculty of Arts and the entire University use the cinema extensively for teaching as well as for conferences and other representative events. However, we also consider the activities of the cinema itself, which are operated outside the university, to be important for Brno's cultural life. We express our support to the university management in finding a way to continue the Scala cinema's activities during the renovations and especially after their completion.

Vice Dean Knoz then reported on the current situation of the reform of doctoral studies: the standards of the supervisor and the method sheet for the admission procedure are being worked on. Vice-Dean Šaur added information about the funding of the increased scholarships: the departments will be paying 2000 CZK from their own resources.

In conclusion, Mgr. Varaďa reported on the meeting of the Student Chamber of the Council of Universities with Minister Bek, which was followed by Dr. Bárta's presentation of the meeting of the Assembly of the Council of Universities. President Štěpánek added information about the meeting of the Rectors' Conference in connection with the Hour of Truth event.

The detailed course of the meeting of the Senate is recorded in the minutes.

The next meeting of the Senate will be held on 25 September 2023.

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