European Sustainable Development Week 2023

  • 20 – 26 September 2023
  • Faculty of Arts, Arna Nováka 1, Brno

The Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University will participate in this pan-European initiative for the first time. In addition to highlighting related topics across faculty communication channels, the Letters for Future will take place in the faculty Reading Room, as well as a joint waste collection and eco-tour. Sustainability will also be considered in the all-faculty events SemesterSTART and Open Day.

Accompanying activities:

Letters for Future

What do you think a sustainable and responsible faculty looks and works like? Or conversely, what should it look and function like? Let us know! The collection point for your ideas is in the Reading Room throughout the week – just write your opinion on recycled paper and drop it in the designated container (we've provided the paper and pencil).


See a long-term approach to sustainability and responsibility at the Faculty of Arts! Download the instructions, head to selected faculty locations and solve the mystery. If you join the event on the day of the SemesterSTART multi-genre festival or Open Day, you will receive a small prize for successfully solving the riddle. Simply sign up for it at the marked station.

Challenges for everyday

Everyone can make a difference. Let's start working on it together! We have prepared a challenge for every day, considering different areas of everyday life. Share a photo on social media with the hashtag #zelenafilda. We will reward the best ideas with faculty merch.

Overview of the calls

We dedicate the first day to reducing plastic products when serving food and drink. For example, consider how many PET bottles you buy each week or how often you dine with plastic cutlery, plates or cups and try to avoid using them altogether, at least for today. Glass bottles can replace plastic cups or bottles, which you can buy directly from the faculty library and with the faculty logo. Replace plastic cutlery or plates with dishes from one of the faculty kitchens.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • show off your new glass bottle with the Faculty of Arts logo

Another day dedicated to sustainable fashion. For example, think about how often you buy new clothes and then assess how much of your wardrobe you don't wear. Try going through your clothes and taking your unused pieces to a secondhand shop or special containers for charity on your way to a lecture or seminar. They will serve people who will undoubtedly appreciate it. Another way to participate in the challenge is to use the sewing machine in the Makerspace. If you have clothes that you would throw away because of a broken zipper or fallen buttons, take them to the college and fix the flaws yourself.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • show how many clothes you took and to what place

This day will be dedicated to sorting. Pick up a bag with gloves at the gatehouse at the entrance to the Arna Novák campus and follow one of the routes we have identified to get rid of the discarded rubbish together. Sort them appropriately and throw them into one of the designated public containers or return them to the faculty gatehouse.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • show off how much waste you've collected

Short route Long route


Today, we will focus on composting. Did you know that we have several of our composters on campus? You'll find one behind the faculty library (we use compost to fertilize the sucker tree that stumps around the library). There is also a bin for bio-waste just outside the entrance to the main faculty area, which is then taken to the composting plant. Other points can be found throughout Brno.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • do you have your small bio-waste bin in your student room, show it to others

The theme of the day is volunteering. Use your free day to think about how and to whom you could help. There are no limits to creativity, but your grandparents, for example, will appreciate a helping hand. If you want to assist in the long term, you can, for example, enrol in the DOBRO_ARTS course, where you can even earn two credits for volunteering.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • show us what you have decided to help someone with

We're starting the new week with transport. Leave the car at home today, walk to college, or commute by public transport, bike, or scooter. You can safely drop them off at the rack just outside the gatehouse.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • share with others how you got to the college today

The theme of the last day is energy. Save water, don't shine unnecessarily, or remember to turn off the lights. Approach heating or air conditioning carefully and adjust ventilation or room darkening accordingly.

Tip for a photo with the hashtag #zelenafilda:

  • show which place in the faculty you think is the most energy-efficient or, conversely, which you feel deserves more care
1 140: Hours between proximity and indifference

An exhibition of documentary photographs in the MU Faculty of Arts Reading Room, which shows everyday life in homes for older people, the activities of the Ukrainian Olena Pryma in Brno, and help in the aftermath of the tornado in South Moravia. The authors of the comics respond to themes of the environment, protection of the planet, cooperation or individual courage.


A student cultural festival where university organisations and societies or student bands and individuals take the stage - all accompanied by good food and drink. This year, for the first time, the festival will strongly emphasise sustainability and, for example, offer sustainable tableware. Those interested can also take an eco-tour, which includes a crossword puzzle for which a small prize can be won (sign up for it at a designated station).

Open Day

The unique open day also emphasises sustainability – like SemesterSTART, it will offer sustainable crockery, and the faculty brochures we will hand out to prospective students will be printed on 100% recycled paper. Interested students can also go on an eco-tour, which includes a crossword puzzle for a small prize (sign up for it at a designated station).

About European Sustainable Development Week

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