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Scholia on Apollonius Rhodius: methodology of ancient scietific approach to a literary work

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1/2005 - 12/2007
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
Scholia, Greek literature, literary criticism, Apollonius Rhodius

Scholia, exegetical notes written in the margin of some ancient literary texts are for modern classical philologists important sources of textual variants that are not found in manuscripts, text-critical comments or literary criticism of those times. They greatly support our understanding of the works they relate to; however, they have only been a medium, not the subject of research till now. After all, these scholia can show us much more e.g. what kind of questions the ancient philologists asked and indicate the direction their attention followed; shortly, they can reveal what was at the beginning of European literary science. The proposed project should help to fill up the gap in classical literature studies by exploring scholia not in relation to a certain work, but as a survey of methodology of ancient literary scholarship (the text of study will be scholia on Apollonius Rhodius, a significant ancient epic poet). The assumed output of the proposed project will be a monograph on the ancient approach to a classical literary work.


Total number of publications: 7

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