Procedure for appointment as a professor

Habilitation and appointment procedures at the Faculty of Arts are made in compliance with articles 71, 72, 73, and 74 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., as amended, and with MU Directive No. 1/2016 Habilitation procedure and professor appointment procedure, which regulates the submission and requirements of proposals and the procedure for their consideration at Masaryk University.

Criteria for habilitation procedure

The criteria for the appointment procedure at the Faculty of Arts MU are established in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the Rector Directive.

Criteria for habilitation procedure

  • Candidates must demonstrate at least three years of teaching experience as a university lecturer.
  • Candidate publications must meet the minimum requirements for the content and scope of publications in the same field in which the habilitation process takes place or in a related field (failure to fulfil the criteria in the lower category of publications can be compensated for with a greater fulfilment in a higher category, not vice versa. For collective books, almanacs, and journals, the candidate must always express their actual share of the work in percentages. Only the outcomes that were actually published are listed i.e. excluding those not yet in print):
    • Two published monographs of at least 150 pages (7.5 AA, ISBN). Every other published monograph is equivalent to 5 original papers (articles and essays). A monograph is also considered to be equivalent to 3 thematically related chapters with a total length of at least 3 AA in the collective monograph. If a scientific monograph is published in an internationally recognized publishing house, it can replace 5 international scientific publications.
    • 40 original scientific publications in scientific journals and reviewed anthologies, including at least 5 scientific publications in a foreign language published by internationally significant media or publishing houses, according to the professional profile of the candidate.
    • Other professional publications: university textbook or instructional text or 20 professional publications (including encyclopaedia and dictionary entries, professional and artistic translations, and reviews).
    • At least 50 responses to publications, i.e. citations or reviews of the candidate’s publications, including responses in 10 international publications.
  • A list of scientific and educational grants in which the candidate was the main researcher or co-researcher.
  • At least 5 invited lectures at international fora and 10 invited lectures of national importance.
  • Candidate must be a supervisor of doctoral students, at least one of whom completed a doctoral degree.

Candidates from other universities

If the applicant does not work as a teacher at Masaryk University, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University may request the statement issued by the Dean of the relevant faculty or the Rector of the university where the applicant works, in order to be able to evaluate his / her pedagogical and scientific skills and abilities based on the applicant's work.

Assessing international candidates for the professor appointment

Within the professor appointment procedure, there must be at least one recommendation letter for initiating the procedure from a foreign professor, or a foreign professor must be a member of the appointing board.

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