Methodology: Science, Humans, Relations

Methodology is the basis of science. Three departments at the Faculty of Arts MU – the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Educational Sciences focus on research into methodology in various forms and aspects. These departments date back to the founding of Masaryk University in 1919.

Human cognition and environment

One of the key factors in scientific development is the search for new ways to explore and learn about human beings and their psyche and the world around them, which is the environment in which they are and by which they constitute by their own interactions. The scientists who research methods are indispensable partners for researchers from other disciplines, since these scientists support their research work.

Methods of scientific knowledge

The best way to ensure that scientific results are credible, compelling, and reliable is a systematic reflection on the procedures by which the scientists reach conclusions and the use of this reflection to formulate and test their hypotheses. The research results of critical thinking and reasoning are crucial for identifying and determining the boundaries between serious and rational discussions and manipulation.

Reflection on educational processes

For innovation in the field of education, it is important to examine internal processes, including the external conditions for school development. The research results of adult learning and education can be applied in the management and development of aging workers, i.e. ‘age management’.

Further Research Topics

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