Dialog za nepřátelskými řadami

Title in English Dialogue Behind Enemy Lines


Year of publication 2018
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description This article deals with a propagandist function of Yugoslav partisan comics, more precisely the means of passing the ideological message of these works to the reader. Partisan comics as an autochthonous genre of Yugoslav comics production was build on the very assumption of “care and protection of national liberation struggle heritage”, whose main driving power was communist ideology. This is based on the polyfunctional character of the mentioned sub-genre of military comics in that - except of quite weakened esthetical function – a well-hidden persuasive function with strong ideological drive steams out. There is often an ideological message correlating with the ruling Yugoslav elite ideology behind the visible shield of adventurous story. This is handed out to a child reader both explicitly (most often via foreword, afterword, or by narrator´s speech) and implicitly via character dialogues. Combination of these factors then creates unforced, but suggestive dialogue between ideological function of comics and reader, that is more evident nowadays because its impact is not in place anymore. Analysis of such element of partisan comics is needed for a better understanding of this phenomenon.
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