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Masaryk University has introduced a psychological counselling service as a new employee benefit. Employees can currently take advantage of up to three free individual consultations under specified conditions. Consultations can be in person or online and in Czech, English or Ukrainian.

5 Apr 2023

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What are the conditions for using the service?

You can benefit from free consultations if you are an MU employee with at least 0.5 or more hours of employment. To use this service, the work hours across MU are added together (e.g. if an employee has 0.3 hours at one MU workplace and 0.2 hours at another MU workplace, they are entitled to use the service). Consultations are not available to employees on FTE, FTE or freelance workers.

What types of difficulties can be referred to in counselling?

Counselling is provided to support employees who find themselves in a problematic or non-standard personal situation. There is no limit to the topics you can bring to the psychologists and counsellors. However, it is essential to remember that the service is not designed to deal with acute conditions. In acute cases, contact the University Hospital Brno or the Psychiatric Hospital Brno in acute cases.

Psychologists and therapists in our team are ready to help with topics such as:

  • persistent negative feelings - stress, anxiety, panic states, feelings of exhaustion;
  • lack of a sense of fulfilment at work;
  • inability to concentrate;
  • challenging life situations; coping with the loss of someone or something;
  • relationship difficulties - partner or family;
  • struggling with addiction.

Who are our psychologists and therapists?

Our psychologists and therapists introduce themselves to you in short medallions, which we recommend you get to know before booking.

How to book a consultation?

To make an appointment, you can use the booking system to select a convenient position from the menu or filter all available selections with your preferred psychologist or therapist.

If you have any questions, you can contact the consultation coordinator at

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