“Make It up to Me Now” Hard-Boiled Mike Hammer and Seductive Babes



Rok publikování 2013
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis This presentation focuses on the element of male and female sexuality and its transformation from page to screen. The 'sample' for the analysis comprises of Mickey Spillane's hard-boiled detective fiction featuring the private detective Mike Hammer, novels I, the Jury (1947), My Gun Is Quick (1950), and Kiss Me, Deadly (1952) which were turned into film noirs of the 1950s – I, the Jury (1953), Kiss Me, Deadly (1955), and My Gun Is Quick (1957). I will be analyzing how the Hollywood filmmakers adapted the graphic sexuality from Spillane's novels to the screen while being constrained by the restrictions of the Motion Picture Production Code (1930-1968). And simultaneously I will be applying a social history approach – examining sexuality in relation to historical events and social climate distinctive for the America's 1950s. I am going to ascertain how and why the sexuality presented on the pages of Mickey Spillane's novels were either completely left out or altered in chosen film noirs.
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