Personal characteristics and cognitive performance of people who works in a prison service

Název česky Osobnostní charakteristiky a kognitivní výkon u lidí pracujících ve vězeňství


Rok publikování 2013
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis This report is part of a project of the Centre for complex psychological research of stress, Brno, Czech Republic. The goal is a detailed analysis of the influence of stress on people who work in prison service. Relations between selected personal characteristics and the cognitive performance in stressful situations were examined. Participants (N=188) included both male (141) and female (32) prison officers from 10 prison facilities across the Czech Republic. As for methods, the EPQ-R and the IVE were used to identify personal characteristics, and the Test of attention d2 to assess cognitive performance. As a representative of cognitive performance was chosen ability of attention – both quantity (pace of work) and quality (making mistakes). Statistically significant correlations between the quantity of cognitive performance and extraversion (r=0.22, p<0.05) and Neuroticism (r=-0.17, p<0.05), and correlations between the quality of cognitive performance and impulsivity (r=0.26, p<0.05) were found. These results support the need for further research of personality of people who work under constant stress.