MEDIA-PERFORMANCE 4 / GESTURE, mezinárodní konference



Rok publikování 2014
Druh Uspořádání konference
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis MEDIA – PERFORMANCE International Symposium is a platform for dialogue between theoreticians and artists whose research is situated on a border line between theory and practice of media and performance. In previous years we focused on "imaginary spaces" (2005), "ephemerality" (2007), and "memory" (2011). This time we chose "gesture" as an access point, from which we would like to approach the field of media / performance. Referring to Czech-German theoretician Vilém Flusser's writings on gestures (Gesture, translated into English in 2014), we propose to question the crucial gesture of information societies, the gesture of programming, and its effects. What exactly can be described as the gesture of programming? Is it, and if so, in which way, connected to the gesture of writing which Flusser regarded as a dominant way of intelligent beings´ expression even in the process of transformation into the new (technical and programmed) media? What kind of relationship between the programmer and the world does this gesture establish? How can it be read or deciphered by the members of society who leave their decisions up to the control of programmed media? What are the rules of the game that today's programmed and programming apparatuses impose on us? If we follow Flusser's analysis of photography for example, we can understand that he applies the notion "program" to every apparatus – digital or analogue. It controls its functioning and it controls those who are using its functions. He describes this relation as an "apparatus-operator complex". If we want to describe the changing of gestures as a sign and an outcome of the processes of transformation in general we can try to understand them as configurations between (human) body – apparatus / tool – symbolization / communication.
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