Convivium II,2



Rok publikování 2015
Druh Editorství tématického sborníku
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Reading between the lines of the various articles presented here, Convivium appears, in the first place, to be a journal anchored to the Mediterranean world — from the Late Antique period to the end of the Middle Ages — with a predilection for certain artistic techniques, like mosaic and painting. The technique of mosaic is, in fact, the common subject that unites the first group of essays, beginning with a piece by Stefano Riccioni and followed by texts by Michele Bacci and Maria Lidova. Despite their shared theme, however, these three articles demonstrate decidedly different methodological approaches: Riccioni turns a fresh eye on one of his favorite monuments — the basilica of San Clemente in Rome — considering it through the lens of visual rhetoric, a very fashionable subject in recent years, while Maria Lidova takes a more traditional approach, concentrating on the iconographic analysis of one of the most important types of Roman Theotokos — the Maria Regina — providing new arguments to support innovative interpretations. Different again is the methodology, not to mention the content, of Michele Bacci's article, which presents the very recent discoveries from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, situating them in the context of the basilica’s history of reception by pilgrims since the end of the Middle Ages. It is precisely the urgency and novelty of these new mosaic discoveries that prompted us to publish, here, an essay by one of the volume’s two editors. In publishing this piece, Convivium aims to establish itself as a platform where new findings can be quickly announced.
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