Jankova paleta



Rok publikování 2016
Druh Uspořádání výstavy
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The project Janek’s pallet integrates individual approaches of two artists, Dominika Jackuliaková and Juraj Gábor, into one installation. One of the initial impulses was a particular photograph that also gave name to the art project. The photograph by Dominika Jackuliaková was taken during her photographic research of materials and forms in space that followed the artist’s fascination of parallels between sculpture and photography media. It captures a situation found in a stonemasonry studio - which is the everyday workplace of Juraj Gábor. And it was this experience with handling stone that has led Gábor to reflect about the topic. The collaborative installation works with the layout of the gallery and reacts to its spatial and material dispositions. By thoughtful use of the gallery’s space arrangement, the art piece anticipates movement of audience and provokes their physical participation. Despite the fact that this art piece could be divided into halves according to authorship and media used, it is symbolically connected again in circular shape on the wall. The installation can be seen as a visual metaphor of integrity of “dual phenomena“ (Aldo van Eyck), as a network of united polarity, where the two-dimensional is determined by its relationship to the three-dimensional, small by the large, full by the empty, haptic by the visual… and where a part is in a relationship to the whole. The issue of continuation found in the works by both artists isn’t questioning physical (metronomic) time. It is rather referring to the time perceived and lived by humans - the psychological time within our consciousness (Henri Bergson). The research behind passing of time in their perception becomes an equivalent to discovering space - but not as this abstract term so hard to grasp by humans. Instead, they always allow for interaction and acknowledge the human subject. Humanization of concepts of space and time is the essence of the final artwork.
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