Study on the spatial heterogeneity of the POI quality in OpenStreetMap

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Název česky Výzkum prostorové heterogenity kvality POI bodů v OpenStreetMap


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Konference Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Cartography and GIS
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Klíčová slova OpenStreetMap; POI; Data quality; Spatial heterogeneity
Popis The volunteered geographic information(VGI) becomes more and more popolar with the general public and scientific community. In this background, OpenStreetMap (OSM) has developed rapidly as one of the most popular VGI projects. As a kind of important elements on the web map, Points of Interest (POIs) play an important role in the navigation and other fields. However, the data quality of POI in OSM can vary strongly.In order to find out the spatial heterogeneity of the POI quality in OSM, in this paper,we analyse the data quality of POIs in OSM from three aspects: positional accuracy, data completeness and topological consistency at first. And then we explore the relationship between the data quality of POIs in OSM and the local characteristics based on geographically weighted regression(GWR), and to find out the main influence factors of POIs quality in OSM. The results show that the distribution of data contributors plays an important influence on the data quality of POIs in OSM. Besides, from the data completeness of POIs, it can be find that the OSM is still new thing in China and it may be need more contributors to enrich the OSM data in China.