On Erasures in Modern Architecture : Catholic "Modernism" and the Historiography of Church Building Between the Wars

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Rok publikování 2022
Druh Kapitola v knize
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Filozofická fakulta

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Popis This chapter deals with the former, which in many respects perpetuates masculine myths of heroic creative design, than with the latter and the fact that histories of modern architecture tend to privilege certain buildings such as housing estates, factories, office buildings, monuments, warehouses, exhibition buildings and the villas of bourgeois patrons. The generic reasons relate to the broad difficulty of finding a place for buildings devoted to the sacred and the community of the faithful in an account in which modernity is equated with secularization. Its historicising features such as the rose window and arched windows along the side of the nave stand in contrast to the overbearing and stark pylons of the front. A Saint Joseph church in Ottakring. The church has a simple design featuring straight geometric patterns and less elaborate artworks.Source: Photo: Martin Gerlach/Wien Museum. A view inside the Saint Joseph church in Ottakring. There are no architectural decorations
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