Czech Language and Literature

Follow-up Master's degree in full-time form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied as a single subject with a specialization (Czech As Foreign Language, Czech Linguistics or Czech Literature) or in combination with another programme.

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Admission to Master's degree programmes in 2024/2025 (beginning: Autumn 2024)
Submission deadline until midnight 30 April 2024.

What will you learn?

The M.A. programme Czech Language and Literature is aimed at B.A. graduates of Czech Language and Literature who are striving at completing specialized training in the field of Czech studies, form both literary and linguistic points of view. The offered courses reflect the present-day state of scholarly knowledge of the Czech language and literature, offering students with complex information on the development of contemporary Czech, on its developmental tendencies and on the character of its structure (from the typological point of view), in the sphere of literature offering the deeper knowledge of Czech and international theoretical approaches to literature, extending the knowledge of development of Czech literature and literary history from the methodological and interdisciplinary points of view and providing an insight into the history of world literature, developing the capacity to analyze literary as well as scholarly texts. The study programme is based on theoretical fundamentals of the discipline, but besides theoretical linguistic and literary courses offers also courses orientated practically. The study programme is designed to ensure that graduates are adequately prepared as far as qualification is concerned and are to the necessary extent professionally adaptable to situations and requirements of practical life. Graduates are able to hold positions the requirements of which include a complex knowledge of Czech language and literature, the capability to use the prestigious variety of Czech for the purpose of practical communication or readiness to hold leading positions in media and cultural institutions of various kinds. Graduates are also ready for Ph.D. studies of Czech language or Czech literature. The programme Czech Language and Literature offers several study plans. Students of the double-subject programmes may specialize by choosing suitable selective courses, focusing on some aspects of Czech studies from literary or linguistic points of view (theoretical approaches to literature, Czech literature and its contexts, literature for children and youth, cultivation of language, computer linguistics, theories of grammar). Students may also choose from three specializations that will enable them to deepen their knowledge, skills and competences in one of the following spheres of Czech studies: a) graduates from the specialization Czech studies from the linguistic point of view will gain deeper knowledge in the sphere of linguistics, in which the focus, besides theoretical studies, is on the development of elementary skills and competences of scholarly work (preparation, presentation and writing of a linguistic project, writing scholarly texts); b) graduates from the specialization Czech studies from the literary point of view will deepen their training in the spheres of theoretical approaches to literature (interpretations of texts and methods from the sphere of theoretical approaches to literature), of literary history and literary criticism, will gain skills in work with texts and in editorial work; c) graduates from the specialization Czech as a foreign language will get orientation in typological specifics of Czech and in issues of its theoretical as well as practically didactic treatment as the L2 language, will be able to teach Czech as a foreign language to various target groups of non-native speakers in the Czech Republic or abroad, will be ready to work in educational and cultural institutions focused on integration of foreigners. The specific feature of this specialization in comparison with teaching Czech as a foreign language at other universities is the accent on methodology using the knowledge of computer tools modern information technologies.

“Language itself is the soul and culture of a nation. (K. Čapek)”

Practical training

Within the study plan of the specialization Czech as a foreign language it is necessary to complete the course Teaching practice. The planned extent of the teaching practice is six weeks (with the obligation to teach 18 hours), for which the students will gain 10 credits. During their teaching practice, students will gain experience with teaching Czech as a second/foreign language either to children and youth or to adults. They will cooperate with partner institutions of the Department of Czech Language, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University in the Czech Republic or abroad, under the supervision of teachers of this course or under the supervision of experienced lecturers from the partner institutions. Besides activities relating to the process of teaching (planning lessons, creating teaching materials etc.), students will enrich their competences in the spheres of providing and receiving feedback and of self-reflection.

Career opportunities

Graduates are able to work in numerous professions, in which expert knowledge of Czech studies from linguistic and literary points of view in required. They are also ready for independent searching, critically commenting and adequately using various sources of information, for work with language and survey SW applications as well as for creating them. They can find expert positions in traditional and electronic and traditional media, in publishing houses, in cultural institutions, in state administration and in the private sector, as journalists, editors, spokespersons, documentators, language advisors, proof-readers, lecturers, or scholars focusing on literature/language and employees of specialized academic or memorial institutions etc. Graduates from the double-subject programme can find a wider scale of positions, e.g. in relation to other languages they are able to work as translators and interpreters. It is expected that most of the graduates form the specialized programme of Czech language from linguistic and literary points of view will gain qualification for future scholarly work. Graduates form the specialization Czech as a foreign language will be able to find positions especially as lectors of Czech for non-native speakers (children and adults), in private as well as state spheres and in a wide range of activities of organizations focused on integration of foreigners and as employees of Czech educational and cultural institutions abroad.

The comprehensiveness of the M.A. programme provides graduates with the readiness to work in leading positions. Those who are interested in further training are equipped with knowledge as well as with theoretical and methodological skills necessary for the Ph.D. study programme relating to literature or to linguistics.

Admission requirements

Deadline for submitting applications: January 1 - April 30

Who the programme is intended for: The programme is intended for graduates of the same Bachelor’s degree field/programme or a field/programme the subject of which is very close to the field of Czech Language and Literature at FA MU (the similarity of the fields will be assessed based on the application). Applicants are expected to have at least C1 level knowledge of the Czech language.

Subject matter of the entrance examination: Two-round admission procedure. Knowledge in the scope of topic areas for the Bachelor’s state examination of the Czech Language and Literature programme is required (see the websites of the Department of Czech Language and Department of Czech Language and Literature FA MU).

1st round: written examination, in which the applicant demonstrates knowledge corresponding to the profile of a graduate of the degree program B-CJ_ Czech Language and Literature at FA MU (the max. score on the written examination is 100 points). The written examination will be waived if the applicant has completed the Bachelor’s programme B-CJ_ Czech Language and Literature at FA MU, with their final grade in the interval A-C (graduates of the minor plan will be recognized by the state final exam in Czech language and literature in the same interval A-C), or within the B-CJ_ Czech Language and Literature programme at the Faculty of Arts MU they have earned at least 20 credits during a semester study abroad (e.g. in the Erasmus programme).

2nd round: oral exam; it is necessary to successfully pass the 1st round. The oral examination does not test the applicant’s knowledge, but the professional prerequisites of the applicant for the study of Czech studies, the applicant's motivation to study, and their reading competence - the applicant should briefly present their Bachelor’s thesis to the committee (ideally submit a copy to the admission committee) and submit a reading list. (the max. score on the oral examination is 100 points). The oral part is mandatory for all applicants who are successful in the 1st round of the admission procedure.

We recommend to those interested in Master’s studies to acquire knowledge in the scope of requirements for the Bachelor’s state examination in Czech Language and Literature at FA MU, as the Master’s studies follow it. Any differences between the Czech Language and Literature Bachelor’s degree programme at FA MU and similar study programmes at other universities will be complemented by the students themselves during the Master’s studies (those interested will be allowed to participate in relevant Bachelor’s courses, including consultations with teachers).

Web Department of Czech Language.

Web Department of Czech Literature.

General information on the course of the admission procedure to the follow-up Master’s degree programmes at FA MU can be found here. Documents for the current admission procedure are kept in Materials for Applicants.

Criteria for evaluation

Pass/fail line of the entrance examination: written examination - 45 points (out of 100) to enable the candidate to proceed to the oral part; oral examination 65 points (out of 100) to succeed in the admissions process.

Minimum score and numbers of accepted applicants in past years


1 Jan – 30 Apr 2024

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Study options

Single-subject studies with specialization

In the single-subject studies, the student deepens knowledge in the concrete focus of the degree programme and chooses one specialization. The specialization is stated in the university diploma.

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Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

Czech Language and Literature as a minor degree programme

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts
Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

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Courses – curriculum examples

An example of your study plan:

Single-subject studies with specialization

Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

Follow-up studies

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Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Follow-up master's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
distance No
Study options single-subject studies No
single-subject studies with specialization Yes
major/minor studies Yes
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction Czech

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