HR Award - A questionnaire survey gauged opinion on the implementation of the new HR strategy

The timing of the survey in January 2023 was related to an important milestone in the HR Award certification process. This was the submission of the self-assessment report and revised Action Plan to the European Commission in early April 2023, after two years of implementing the original Action Plan.

25 Apr 2023

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The questionnaire survey results complemented the overall assessment of the progress achieved at the Faculty of Arts MU. All employees were contacted and asked to share their views on the changes introduced using an anonymous online questionnaire.

The questionnaire survey results are pleasing: most respondents know that the Faculty of Arts MU is a recipient of the HR Excellence in Research award. Most of them also observe the improvement of employee services in recent years and evaluate the changes as beneficial. Respondents most often appreciated the removal of language barriers, the computerisation of recruitment, the creation of the Faculty's career website, as well as the measures introduced in the area of gender equality (e.g. the establishment of the Elánek children's group or the introduction of an institutional procedure in cases of sexual harassment). Respondents broadly assessed the information flows at the Faculty as sufficient for the information that reaches them or is supposed to reach them.

The questionnaire also explored which areas staff felt were appropriate for further development. Of the areas offered, the most significant interest was in counselling involving mental health support, more excellent support for international mobility and the result of internal research collaboration within the MU Faculty of Arts.

Respondents also answered whether they would recommend employment at the workplace to their friends. Most respondents would do so, and many freely commented on the Faculty of Arts MU as a quality employer with good processes and organisational culture.

We want to thank all those who completed the questionnaire and helped us to obtain employees' opinions on changes in the area of employee care and thus contribute to the further development of our Faculty's HR policy. The questionnaire survey results were compiled into an Analytical Report, which presents a summary of the most important findings.

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