Exotic Backgrounds: Cantonese Wall-papers in the Czech Republic



Rok publikování 2018
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Popis Since the discovery of the maritime route to China, European market became unsated for Chinese export articles. Tea disregarding, there was a great demand for porcelain, lacquer furniture, pith paper paintings, wall papers and other wonders. Until today, historic interiors equipped with export goods, or their imitations, are preserved in noble houses all through Europe. This paper focuses on wall papers, as the term goes in English, although they were sometimes made even of silk. They were decorated with painting or printing, or the combination of both, of either birds and flowers, or landscapes with tiny figures. My research is based on a few artefacts made in the late 18th century (all but one), preserved in the Czech Republic, which have not been previously introduced abroad. In addition to the analysis of their subject matter and technique, the paper also investigates their acquisition history, and the modes of their display, when available.
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