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Paradigmatic thinking: singularity, universality, self-reference (Paradigmatic thinking)

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1/2019 - 12/2021
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Filozofická fakulta

The main aim of the project is to focus on the concept of a paradigm in order to develop a robust epistemological perspective, both historical and systematic, on the process of acquiring knowledge (which includes both self-understanding and knowledge of the world). The peculiarity of a paradigm is that it is always something that is both singular and universal. In a rough outline, the main aim will be to provide a neo-Hegelian conception of a three-stage process of acquiring knowledge which starts with an emergence of a paradigm (i.e. singularity), goes through dealing with a paradigm (which is a universality) and arrives at a self-reference or abolishing a paradigm which turns out to be a new singularity. The core of the project consists in a detailed analysis of the concept of a paradigm throughout the history of philosophy in order to account for its centrality to our cognition. Its historical appearances must be exemplified as central to the most influential accounts of philosophical thinking. The main outcome of the project will be a monograph published with a renowned international academic publishing house.


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