Informace o projektu
Excelentní magisterský studijní program Visual Cultures and Art History (N0213A320008) (VisCult)

Kód projektu
Období řešení
7/2023 - 6/2025
Investor / Programový rámec / typ projektu
Masarykova univerzita
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Filozofická fakulta

The aim of the project is to further develop the already existing teaching practices used in the MA study programme Visual Cultures and Art History. Specifically, we wish to methodologically enhance the experiential learning by organizing 2 field research trips to analyse artworks in-situ, accompanied by 2 workshops involving not only students and teachers but also practitioners (i.e. potential future employers) and experts from different disciplines. This interdisciplinary in-situ training shall serve as a basis for further practical and research-oriented training, within which students will go through all steps of the production and publication of a scholarly text. The outcome of this "laboratory" teamwork will be 2 collective volumes – travelogues conceived as guidebooks for general public. The project will support students´ practical training, enhancing their future career prospects.

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