20. 11. 2019 Kateřina Šalounová

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We welcome proposals focusing on historical avant-gardes in all their artistic forms (theatre studies, performing arts, literature, translation, art history, cinema, photography,...) related to theatre. We propose the following topics:

  • new results of research concerning the European avant-gardes
  • new results of research concerning the Czech avant-gardes
  • the legacy of the Czech avant-garde theatre theory
  • contacts among the members of the Czech theatre avant-garde with the European avant-garde; cooperation projects
  • reception of the Czech theatre avant-garde in Europe
  • reception of the European avant-garde in the Czech milieu
  • translation (from or into Czech)

Further suggestions contributing to the dialogue are welcome and will be considered. Scholars from different fields as well as theatre practitioners, translators, historians of art, stage designers and theatre critics are warmly invited to join us and participate in the event either as speakers or as an audience. Selected contributions from the conference will be published in a special issue of THEATRALIA (vol. 2022/1; the deadline for submission of the paper is April 30, 2021). Paper proposals should include:

  • the title of the paper
  • an abstract of 250-300 words
  • the name(s) of the author(s)
  • contact address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • institutional affiliation
  • short biographical note (maximum 300 words)

Please send the proposed title of the paper, abstract, biographical note, and other relevant information to the conference organizers no later than on December 15, 2019.



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