This mobility project is built up as a bridge between historic topics and today´s questions concerning democracy values, as a bridge between various accesses cross over the disciplines (literature, history, psychology, sociology, art), as a bridge between Norway and Czech Republic, as a bridge between the individual participants in both countries.The focus of the study is on historical topics, e.g. portraits of Holocaust victims and survivors, as well as portraits of the volunteers connected with the Nansen-aid organisation in the years 1938 - 1940. The central perspective points toward an analysis of "active citizenship" in the mirror of present democracy discourse in Europe. The overall project objectives shall enable the students and other participants profound understanding and adequate realizing of the essential human values such as respect to national and religious minorities in society.

The student groups travelling abroad will be followed by experienced teachers and experts, so that the mobility outcomes bring for the students' professional competencies (e.g. communication with media) and to promote the acquired knowledge in the context frame of the Norwegian-Czech mutual cultural exchange relations. This target matches the desirable profile of the students and graduates of Masaryk University. The realization of the mobility items, concrete outcomes in the form of student texts, as well as lasting influence implementation,  contribute to the living environment of the participants – these are our project goals. Moreover, all these aspects shall be produced benefits such as a cognitive enrichment and emotional experience for all participants.


Faculty of Arts, Department of German, Scandinavian and Netherland Studies

Bachelor study programme

Mobility Oslo (7 students)  15 – 30 January – Zuzana Blahová, Jitka Peloušková, Petra Vrbová, Zuzana Parthonová, Lukáš Prusák, Anna Šilhanová, Bronislava Garčárová

Olga Brzobohatá – semester study stay at UiA autumn 2019

Master study programme
Bc. Ivana Tršková - semester study stay at UiA autumn 2019
Bc. Klára Tučková - internship at the Jewish Museum Oslo - Jewish Museum Oslo

Doctoral study programme
PhD student Mgr. Kristýna Tronečková - student of the Department of Psychology, six-month stay at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences


We are a group of 7 active participants, more precisely 7 students of bachelor study of Norwegian language at Masaryk University. Each of us has chosen a person who deserves more attention in Czech knowledge, and we want to achieve that by gathering as much data and information as possible. These people associated with Norway, and often with the Czech Republic and Slovakia were important people during the Second World War and had been trying to safe its consequences somehow . We will do our best to bring these names to the subconscious of students. We believe that these people and their deeds deserve to be known. But it is not a project about 7 active participants. We will cooperate with our classmates, professors and many others. Together we are a big team of people, who share their love for Norway, ideas for project, knowlege and most of all, we appreciate our culture and values that were won in the past by people who, for example, are the subject of our project.



In January 2020 we will spend fifteen days in Oslo, where we will concentrate on collecting data, information and try to establish new Czech-Norwegian contacts. With a focus on World War II, we will visit many places, for example our stay is possible thanks to cooperation with Jewish Museum in Oslo. Gradually, we will try to share our progress here as well, our impressions and experiences with photos and scraps from each participant. The scale of our focus is quite large, as each of us will focus on someone and something else, but we believe that together we will achieve beneficial cooperation. However, the project does not end with our stay in Oslo, so we hope that you will be interested in our project throughout our work.



Due to the unexpected situation (COVID-19, the associated quarantine), we had to adjust our outputs to pass as much information as possible. The exhibition was planned for May in the Moravian Regional Library in Brno, but all public institutions were closed, also there was a limited number of people when organizing events, we came up with the idea to make the exhibition online. We are very sorry, but we hope that we will be able to show our project in its best way possible. Project exhibition website HERE 

Mgr. Kristýna Tronečková and her outputs

At Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, I have had a very fruitful collaboration with Associate Professor Ricardo Lugo, my local supervisor.
I very much appreciate his leadership and willingness to help me in the process and completion of my dissertation, which also focuses on the Norwegian population, as well as our joint research on happiness in Norway based on Bhutanese measurements.
I was also taking a part in the lessons of Associate Professor Lugo, who lectures on the concept of happiness, among other things, and reporting to the students on the current outcomes of my dissertation research, its connection and background, and the concept of Gross National Happiness in Bhutan. 

Intercultural experience is going well as I am able to experience the Norwegian culture and tradition in the background of my research as well as stay here. 

Ivana Tršková

I was included in the mobility project „Active citizenship in the history and the present. The role of personality and spirituality in written and oral texts”. Thanks to this mobility project I had the opportunity to study the Autumn semester 2019 at the University of Agder in Kristiansand (Southern Norway) where I broadened my knowledge of the language, literature and culture of the country. In addition, my study mobility gave me the opportunity to meet new people not only from Norway, but also from all over the world who brought me new perspectives and a deeper understanding of other cultures. Moreover, this mobility project was beneficial for the process of writing of my diploma thesis. In this report, I would like to summarize my study stay at the University of Agder.

Olga Brzobohatá

I had been given the opportunity to participate in the EEA Grants mobility “Active Citizenship in the history and the present. The role of personality and spirituality in written and oral texts.” I spend one semester at the University of Agder. As a main topic of my outcome I chose the Norwegian writer, poet and playwright Jens Bjornebøe and wrote my study about him. Focus was especially taken on the influence of The Second World War on Bjornebøe’s work. I chose this writer, because he is not very well known in Czech Republic and I found the influence of The Second World War interesting and worth to be studied further more. With writing this study I got a lot of help from Svein Slettan. He gave me many ideas for my study and without his patient and kind leading I would not be able to finish the study. I am very grateful for knowing teachers like him.


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