Classical Philology

Doctoral degree in full-time or combined form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied only as a single subject.

What will you learn?

The classical philology programme prepares students for independent, creative academic work in the field of Ancient Greek and Classical Latin philology. It expands their theoretical and methodological knowledge and teaches the skills necessary for independent scholarly work. Classical philology as a discipline examines, interprets, critically analyses, and puts into a broader literary and historical context all ancient Greek and Latin sources. At the same time, it serves as an auxiliary discipline for a variety of other scientific fields dealing with antiquity (philosophy, theology, archaeology, art history, law, the history of science, sociology, and religious studies). Graduates will gain an overview of the entire broad discipline and specialize according to their chosen language (Ancient Greek, Classical Latin) in linguistic or literary studies based on the particular topic of their dissertation.

“Towards the roots of our civilization.”

Practical training

An obligatory part of the studies is a stay abroad, during which time the graduate gain new knowledge and skills, experience a foreign environment, and make useful contacts. In exceptional and justified situations, the supervisor may agree to substitute an alternative solution for this obligation.

Career opportunities

Graduates from doctoral studies in classical philology possess extensive knowledge of antiquity and are specialized in Ancient Greek or Classical Latin and the literature concerning the topic of their thesis. They are capable of high-quality, independent interpretation of original sources. They have a deep understanding of the subject of their specialization and are well-equipped with theoretical and methodological tools, which they apply in independent and creative scholarly work – these tools also serve as prerequisites for interdisciplinary research and international cooperation, since graduates are also expected to speak two modern foreign languages. They will find employment most easily in humanities-oriented departments of the Academy of Sciences, at universities, in libraries and museums, at printing houses, in other areas of culture or media, or as translators. Graduates can also teach Latin at high school or university, assuming they also acquire the necessary pedagogical education.

Admission requirements

Deadline for submitting applications: 1 August - 30 November

Deadline for submitting documents for the admission procedure: until 15 December

Documents for the admission procedure:

  • signed CV;
  • list of publishing activities;
  • doctoral thesis project (the topic of the doctoral thesis is agreed by the applicant with their future supervisor).
  • Documents for the admission procedure must be inserted into the e-application (rubric “Documents”) by 15 December. Applicants are required to include their full name and application number on all attached documents.

    The entrance examination takes the form of an oral discussion over the doctoral thesis project.

    Notice: A poof of completion of a Master’s degree programme (officially certified copy of the diploma, in the case of education obtained abroad also the so-called recognition) shall be submitted by the accepted applicants upon enrolment in the studies. For the entrance examination, a proof of completion of a Master’s degree programme is not required.

Criteria for evaluation

  • Pass/fail line: 70 points (out of 100).

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Doctoral
Mode full-time Yes
combined Yes
distance No
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies No
Standard length of studies 4 years
Language of instruction Czech
Doctoral board and doctoral committees

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