Hope and Meaningfulness: Key components of Well-being in the Czech Sample



Rok publikování 2014
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The study focuses on exploring the interrelationships between hope, optimism and meaningfulness and their links with both cognitive (life satisfaction) and emotional (positive mood) aspects of well-being and subjective health. The research sample consists of 1409 Czech respondents (80% females, 20% males, aged between 15 and 75). We used Adult Hope Scale (Snyder et al.,1991) for measuring dispositional hope, Hope Scale (Krafft, 2014) for measuring perceived hope, Life Orientation Test (Scheier et al., 1994), Meaningfulness Scale (Schnell, 2009), Trait Well-Being Inventory (Dalbert, 1992), and Changes in Outlook Questionnaire (Joseph et al., 2006). Demographic data were also obtained. The online data collection took place in 2013. We used SPSS for data analysis. The correlation analysis revealed significant correlations (p<0.01) between both cognitive and emotional aspects of wellbeing and hope, meaningfulness, optimism and subjective health. ANOVA and regression analysis revealed detailed interrelationships between measured variables (p<0.05): The key independent predictor of life satisfaction is meaningfulness, while positive mood is best predicted by optimism. Dispositional hope is a stronger predictor of life satisfaction than perceived hope, which is more involved in positive mood. The group with better subjective health consists of respondents living in marriage or partnership, having higher education. The happiest people are those who engage in volunteering activities and strongly hold on to their spiritual values Results of the study comply with findings highlighting the importance of eudaimonic aspects of well-being in optimal development. Supported by Czech Grant Agency 406/05/0564, GA13-19808S.
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